Cantharellus aff confluens- (Smooth Chanterelle)

Smooth Chanterelles are large up to hand sized, they are usually clumping together. I’ve used the name aff. confluens as- looks most similar to the subtropical Chanterelle from South America. Confluens means fused at the base. These Chanterelles are often smooth and sometimes with interlocking veins. They are a Summer time Chanterelle.

DNA results have been entered to GenBank.

ITS = 155bp ok, 95% close to Cantharellus formosus (MG953986) and other species
LSU = 660bp ok, 99.70% Cantharellus sp. (KP311393) from specimen BRI
AQ 807954, only 97% close to C. formosus

There was a dirty patch in the sequence so would be worth running it again.


Here are some typical smooth Chanterelles, lacking the folds.


Partly with folds and partly without.


Three mushrooms fused at the base.


Found hiding under the mulch in mixed forest of Eucalyptus and Casuarina.


Usually in time with the Bunyas, Jan-Feb subtropics.

Video Link

Cantharellus confluens

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