Marasmius oreades- (Fairy-ring mushroom)

Marasmius oreades can forms large Fairy Rings, creating contemporary designs. This mushroom requires a High Level of Identification Knowledge as there are countless little brown mushrooms of unknown Toxicology.


Marasmius oreades

The habitat is sports fields, grasslands and parks. Marasmius oreades is more common in the Temperate regions of Australia and regarded highly in many Temperate countries of the world.


Marasmius oreades

The cap has a nipple shape being more pronounced when young, but retaining an umbo as the cap matures.


Marasmius oreades

The gills are quite deep and are off-white to cream and have wide spacing which are important characteristics along with the white spore print. Equally important is that the gills do not run down the stem.


Marasmius oreades, pliable stem.

The tough pliable stem is one of the key characteristics for Marasmius oreades.

There is no ring on the stem, and the stem is usually stuffed with a white pith.

3 thoughts on “Marasmius oreades- (Fairy-ring mushroom)

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  2. Interesting about the hollow stem. There is not much comment on this and I didn’t take note myself. A couple of sites state quite clearly that the stem is not hollow. Northern Bushcraft is an example. Other sources don’t mention it or say something like ‘becoming hollow’. None of the other pictures I can see show the stem.

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