Rhizopogon rubescens- (Shoro)

Rhizopogon rubescens is found in pine forest where it has been introduced by Forestry. Common and abundant with Pinus radiata. Favoured in Japan and known as Shoro. Best eaten when firm and white through the middle.


Blanching them and submerging in a pickle. The texture is great for absorbing flavours.

Rhizopogon rubescens Rhizopogon rubescens

Size is 1-2.5 cm diameter, inside white spoungy becoming greyish as spore is produced.


Common site in pine forest where night critters have been digging.

Poisonous look alike Scleroderma species are black inside. Confusion with an Amanita egg is possible so cutting through the center  to make sure there is no evidence of a mushroom shape will help eliminate this concern.

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2 thoughts on “Rhizopogon rubescens- (Shoro)

  1. I found some Rhizopogon today for the first time after the most unusual set of coincidences. Just poked the ground casually with my foot and a couple of them popped out. At present I think I have R. luteolus but there doesn’t seem to be much about on the differences. Any thoughts on differentiating the two species?

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