Fistulina hepatica- Beefsteaks

My first introduction to Beefsteaks was in Western Australia served as a desert, they had been poached in a sugar solution which you can read more about here..

Some years later I saw some in Tasmania growing from a log next to a river.

Fistulina hepatica- Tasmania

I was surprised to find some early May 2021 on the mid-north coast. They were growing out the base of a living Scribbly gum Eucalyptus signata. Of the Scribbly gums E. signata has the furthest range North from Lake Macquarie to the Brisbane river inhabiting coastal swamps and dry sclerophyll forests at low altitudes.

Fistulina hepatica- Coffs Harbour region

I did some tissue culture work with this subtropical variety- and will have to wait..

The below footage I made in Western Australia

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